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new at flick filosopher, Sep 21–27

Years and Years

The Binge: Years and Years (#BBC/#HBO) [pictured]
I’m obsessed with this British miniseries following one family through a dystopian 2020s. It’s completely harrowing, very nearly soul-crushing. Yet I cling to its tenuous optimism and profound beauty.
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new and ongoing dvd/blu/vod releases, US/Can, Sep 15–25
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new and ongoing dvd/blu/vod releases, UK/Ire, Sep 18–25
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H Is for Happiness movie review: Q is for Quirk, F is for Forced
Offbeat portrait of an unconventional girl is all over the place, sometimes detouring into the cringeworthy, as it tries to depict the emotional familial confusion its tween protagonist is navigating.
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Blackbird movie review: the bell tolls, ever so tastefully
The to-die-for cast can’t quite save this melodrama from its trite obviousness, in which rage and grief are matters of tasteful, upscale lifestyle. But they at least make it passingly watchable.
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(FYI, there was no roundup for the week of September 14–20.)

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