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new at flick filosopher, May 19-22

Lucky Grandma

Lucky Grandma movie review: brittle old lady [pictured]
Wild sass, gentle comedy, shivs of poignancy, and instantly vivid characters add up to a wonderful riff on mob movies as a Chinatown granny faces off against gangsters. Tsai Chin is an absolute hoot.
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new and ongoing dvd/blu/vod releases, US/Can, May 19–22
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new and ongoing dvd/blu/vod releases, UK/Ire, May 18–22
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Scoob! movie review: Scooby dooby don’t
A spectacularly scattershot, pandering mess of pulp junk, cheap-looking animation, and poisonous gender dynamics. A charmless cash-grab that can’t be bothered with the slightest stab at originality.
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