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new at flick filosopher, Jul 20–24

First Cow

new and ongoing dvd/blu/vod releases, US/Can, Jul 20–24
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new and ongoing dvd/blu/vod releases, UK/Ire, Jul 20–24
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First Cow movie review: new world, same as the old world [pictured]
A simple story about friendship. A revisionist Western reworking fables of masculinity and frontiers. A softly savage deconstruction of the American dream, of capitalism itself. An astonishing movie.
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Last and First Men movie review: a sobering message from the future (#EIFF2020)
A mesmerizing, haunting contemplation of the headiest issues we ever confront: evolution and extinction, the depths of time, the meaning of life. Screams with ominous alarm for the human future.
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John Lewis: Good Trouble documentary review: how to bend the arc of history
Essential portrait of the US Congressman and civil-rights activist, for its lessons in the power of passive resistance to injustice, and its underscoring of how America has regressed in recent years.
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