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A romantically confused artist — who thinks she’s happily single — and a once-bitten, twice-shy schoolteacher — who thinks he’s happily single — discover that they’re perfect for each other. Now they just need to convince themselves of that.

Bronx Cheer is a romantic comedy/drama about love and art, sex and sports, science and religion, and the appalling quality of American tea.

Bronx Cheer won Second Place in the Feature Comedy category of the Jury of Your Peers contest in 2000; Honorable Mention in the Television/Movie Script category of the Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in 2000; and Runner-Up in the Hollywood 27 Screenwriting Competition in 2000.

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An FBI agent too long on the job and haunted by a recent case finds himself dogged by a tenacious journalist and struggling to restore his strained relationship with his wife as he tracks an elusive serial strangler through the desolate Great Plains.

Cat and Mouse is a crime drama of psychological suspense in the vein of Memento and Narc.

Cat and Mouse was a Semifinalist in the screenplay competition in Spring 2003.

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