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introducing (fictional) notes from The British Museum

British Museum ticket 1790

As a way to get the fiction lobe of my brain working — and to keep it juiced up — I’m embarking on a new weekly project I’m calling “(fictional) notes from The British Museum.”

Here’s how it works:

Once a week, I’ll visit a single room at The British Museum in London, zero in on one intriguing object therein, and quickly write a piece of flash fiction inspired by that object. This very short story may not have anything to do with what the object actually is — in fact, it almost certainly will not. This is intended as a writing exercise only: I’ll be writing quickly in the hours immediately after my visit, and not worrying too much about polishing or even revisiting the story again after. These will be sketches only… although who can say whether ideas, characters, places, or situations I discover in them will not reappear in later work.

These flash-fiction stories will be available to all Patreon patrons at the $1/month level or above. I’ll post the stories both here at this site — follow along via the flash fiction tag — and also over at my Patreon.

I hope you enjoy them. Feedback welcome.

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